Be an Activist

There are many ways you can be an activist, even in these trying times. Fill out the form below and we will get you what you need to contribute to the cause from your own home.

Activism: collect information on local governments

  1. Activism:
    • monitor local governments (city councils, country boards, school boards, etc.) for violations of separation between government and religion.
    • monitor state legislation for violations of separation of government and religion
    • Write letters to the editors about separation of government and religion; about equality for non-believers; etc.
    • Call state and national government representatives concerning issues of concern to atheists
    • When the pandemic is under control, there are protests and demonstrations that occur that we can participate in.
  2. Education
    • lead discussions with our group about issues of concern to freethinkers
    • Deliver invocations to various levels of city and county governments
  3. Support the organization (boring but necessary)
    • Help with social media, fundraising, recruitment, etc.

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