Atheists are often accused of hating religion and its followers. We do not. We do, however, strongly support the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees the right to have and express religious ideas, but also protects the right to criticize those same ideas. For most Americans, believer or not, shooting people in a church, synagogue, mosque, grocery store, or anywhere else, would never enter their minds. Trying to bomb public officials, celebrities, or any person, would never be contemplated. Unfortunately, there are a few people who do these horrendous acts. Those people are the enemy of our country, of our way of life, and of our representative democracy. It is the duty of all loyal citizens who encounter the ideology of hate, bigotry, and violence, to join together to actively and openly denounce it.  It is the practical duty of government to prevent those who threaten harm from realizing their ambitions.

Our people, with various cultures and philosophies, bring a vibrancy to our nation that is phenomenal. We must unite together and oppose those that would tear us apart. We must work to restore the idea of inclusion, that everyone is a part of our society, that everyone belongs. We must defend the values of our constitution – the values of freedom to speak, express, assemble and report. In the long history of civilization, these are still new, fragile, fresh ideas, still being tested by those who prefer a smaller, more silent world. 

Seth Andrews

will be in Tampa Nov 10th at the UUC, and in Orlando on Nov 11th at the University Club in Winter Park at 1 pm.

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