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Countdown to Election Day (polls close at 7pm)

League of Women Voters has a great resource for researching candidates for office. You can visit it at Vote 411 (click/tap the image to go to the site). There you have several options to determine your voting status. First, you can find your registration status. Second, you can actually register to vote if you are not already registered. Finally, you can get a list of every candidate running in your district, but you do have to enter your address.

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Concerned about something happening in your neighborhood or school? If you can answer yes to any of these three questions, we will try to help you:

Who is behind the issue? Is it a religion?

Is it an equal rights issue? Is religion trying to impose its belief on the public?

If we had true separation of state and church, would the issue go away?

You can ask us to investigate or clarify the issue for you, witho.m0ut revealing your identity.

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