Democracy not Theocracy
Election Dates for 2022:Primary Election: August 23
General Election: November 8
Deadline to register:Primary Election: July 25
General Election: October 11
Vote-by-Mail Ballot Request
and Return Deadlines:
Primary Election: August 13
General Election: October 29
Early Voting Period:Primary Election: August 13 – 20
General Election: October 29 – November 5

Resources for your research:

Voter Information Lookup
Register to Vote

Did you know:

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Concerned about something happening in your local government or school?

  • Who is behind the issue? Is it a religion?
  • Is it an equal rights issue? Is religion trying to impose its belief on the public?
  • If we had true separation of state and church, would the issue go away?

If you can answer yes to any of these three questions, there may be help available from one or more of the following groups:

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