School Board Candidates 2020 Questionairre

The letter and list of questions submitted to all candidates (with email addresses):


Dear Candidate ():

On behalf of Atheists of Florida (AoF), I write respectfully to request that you respond to questions submitted below regarding your agenda for the children of X County.  AOF was established in 1992 to educate its members, and the public, on state-church separation and to protect the rights of religious minorities in the state of Florida.

The questions and answers, if received in time, will be published verbatim at on 10/01/2020. We will also have a link to your campaign website.

To meet our publication deadline, your responses must be received by no later than 9/15/2020. If you do not respond, the publication will state Did Not Respond.

No answer to any individual question may exceed 1000 words.

Please send your responses to me at, or simply reply to this email.

As a tax-exempt organization under section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, we cannot support or oppose any candidates for public office.

We hope you will take this opportunity to communicate your views on how you as a School Board ember deal with policy regarding the children of your county.

Yours in reason,

Judy Adkins             


Explain your position on the role of religion in the public schools:

Explain your position on teaching of established scientific facts such as evolution and climate change:

Explain your position on abstinence-based sex education:

Explain how you would respond to a parent who wants the district to limit access to, or remove books from the school library or classroom:

Explain your position on vouchers:

If you support vouchers, explain your justification for seeking to be a member of a public-school board:

Explain your position on public school choice:

Explain your position on corporal punishment:

What public or private organizations have endorsed you and/or contributed to your campaign?

Other statement or information you would like to have included: