Christian Love in a Christian Nation


By James A Young click here to send comments to Mr. Young

I always find it laughable how Christian fanatics think they have moral capital to talk about morality/ethics in what they claim is a Christian nation supposedly founded upon Christian principles.

The more fanatical these Christians are, the more morally/ethically bankrupt they are, making it even less likely they will feel remorse for the evil they do. Religious fanatics go around hating everyone that’s different. All the while claiming it’s all about love and righteousness.

They use their standard excuse for hate and bigotry with the mantra, “Hate the sin, love the sinner.” It never occurs to them how evil it is that they damage lives in the name of god.

I guess all this hate might be because their god is a moral monster and sets the standard for them. Take for instance the notion that a “loving god” would torture people for eternity in a lake of fire because they failed to love him. That’s the character of God’s love? Well, yes, obviously.

I wonder what punishment God would prescribe if he didn’t love so-called sinners? Is there really a greater evil this so-called “loving” god could inflict upon people exercising their freedom of conscience by refusing God’s masochist love? What greater atrocity could God perpetrate against them? Perhaps turn up the heat a notch or two in his lake of fire?

The fanatics that worship this evil monster can’t see the evil of “God’s love” at all. Nor can they see the moral/ethical bankruptcy required to endorse this so-called “righteous justice.” It clarifies the hypocritical character of the love that Jesus intended when he said, “Love your enemies.”

I guess that’s why Christians tell me I deserve to burn in hell if I don’t jump on their bandwagon and worship their monster.

The religious fanatic’s version of “love thy neighbor” is first to deny them freedom of conscience. So, if you dare criticize their religion, or refuse to submit to it, you’re fair game to be vilified, condemned and ostracized. In the good ole’ days, when it was legal, if they could not force you to submit, they’d just kill you.

We see a lot of “God’s love” in the way religious fanatics treat the LGBTQ community. Their idea of religious freedom is to deny gays the right to marry. They would like to deny them the right to adopt children. They want to be able to fire gays from their job just because of who they are. They want the right to refuse to sell them goods and services. They don’t want gays to be able to visit their gay partner lying in the hospital on their death bed. And when one of them dies they don’t want their surviving spouse to be able to have access to survivor benefits.

Religious fanatics bristle at any suggestion that protection from discrimination be extended to gays. Where permissible by law, they’d even like to just kill them. In every sense of the word, they want to deny gays life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is a perfect example of what they actually intend when they talk about “loving sinners.” This fascist intolerance exemplifies their idea of “freedom of religion.”

Back in the good ole’ days, our “loving” religious friends practiced slavery. The didn’t mind engaging in human trafficking at all. The Bible’s so-called “objective morality” found nothing wrong with God’s chosen people buying and selling their “inferior” neighbors. In their eyes it was perfectly all right to hold people in bondage from cradle to grave. Work them from dawn to dusk without pay, rape them, beat them and kill them on a whim.

Today, religious fanatics want you to believe their ancestors were just doing slaves a favor by providing them a “loving” home and taking care of them. Of course, when the slaves were emancipated, we’re asked to believe these “loving” Christian neighbors did everything in their power to help integrate them into society. They offered them good paying jobs, paying them the same wages they paid white folks. Right? Hardly! The only jobs offered to blacks were continuing to work for their slave masters, at slave wages, shining shoes, cleaning toilets and sewers, collecting garbage, digging ditches, etc. Yes. The kind of jobs whites loathed were reserved for blacks.

Of course, blacks lived in squalor. What opportunity did they have to do otherwise? It wasn’t by accident they were trapped in a new form of slavery. It was by loving Christian design. And if these blacks raised their voice in protest, they did so at the risk of being beaten, shot or hung by a rope from the nearest tree.

The loving Christian community found pleasure in extending God’s love to their black neighbors by enacting numerous “Jim Crow” laws. All designed to make sure blacks “stayed in their place.” They enacted miscegenation laws which forbid interracial marriage. And if a black man dared make overtures to a white woman, he risked being lynched by a white Christian mob.

No. Blacks were not welcome to dine at the white Christian man’s table. They were not welcome to use the front door of his house, not allowed to enter at all unless it was to perform some task of servitude. They were not welcome in white Christian restaurants. They were not welcome in white Christian churches. They were forbidden to drink from the same public water fountains as whites. They were forbidden to use white public restrooms. They were forbidden to send their children to white public schools. The Christian commitment to love their different neighbor by disadvantaging them was complete in every detail.

Then, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down most of these oppressive laws. The white Christian community was heartbroken. The law could no longer be used as a weapon of Christian tyranny. Or so we thought!.

Now we see police using their immunity from prosecution to abuse blacks, targeting them without probable cause, arresting them on trumped up charges, often killing them in the process. Nothing it seems can quench the fires of hate and inequality nurtured for so long in white Christian churches.

Fascist white Christians continue their struggle to maintain inequality. They have simply found more subtle ways to disadvantage blacks, gays, atheists, Muslims and anyone else they view as inferior or objectionable.

The latest strategy is to enact “Freedom of Religion” laws, whose only true purpose is to make it perfectly legal to use the “exercise of religious freedom” as an excuse to legitimize discrimination and oppression of anyone religious fanatics consider objectionable.

We observe that God’s love is still alive and well, wielded by religious tyrants, of a fascist religious community, eager to love their different neighbors by doing everything in their power to destroy their lives.

In this Christian nation, the character of God’s love is pretty obvious. The only salvation anyone needs is from the love heaped upon them by god’s followers!